Thursday, October 29, 2020
Thursday, October 29, 2020

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March Hiking a Transcendent Treat

I used to loathe March. For me, this month of basketball madness was the season of mud, gray skies and most importantly, it was too early to fish. March was a dud, at least until I began looking at it in a different light. Now, retooling my own mindset, it has become apparent that March is perhaps the best time...

Christmas Gifts for Campers and Hikers

While anglers and hunters get the attention as collectors of gear and gadgets, hikers and campers are similarly afflicted with the need to have the newest, coolest items for their time in the outdoors. Here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts for campers and hikers on your shopping list. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter- One of the number one selling...

Martino: Choose your pack wisely

hunting backpack
Let’s face it. The days of carrying everything you need for a day afield in your coat pockets are gone. In earlier times hunters carried extra ammo in one pocket, knife on your belt and anything else in another pocket. Nowadays sportsmen need way too much. We carry cell phones, range finders, binoculars, headlamps, safety harnesses, haul lines and...

Destination: Green’s Bluff

If you are looking for a hard-to-find but wholly spectacular hike, try Owen County’s Green’s Bluff Nature Preserve. This gorgeous 563-acre Nature Conservancy property brackets the impressive namesake bluff along a bend in Raccoon Creek. With a parking area on a dead-end road that only accommodates a few cars, the only people to visit are hikers who know where they are...

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Bowfishing For Conservation

Conservationists come in many forms. Scientists who study fish and wildlife are conservationists. Children who pick up litter are conservationists. Hunters who...

Can Fishing Be Too Good?

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