Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Falls don’t always happen to the other guy

“The oak limb was as big around as weightlifter’s bicep and cured harder than a Louisville Slugger,” said my friend Randy. For several years...

September is Tree Stand Safety Month

It seems like everything has a special day, week or month to celebrate or commemorate it. There’s a national pickle day, safe boating week...

Kokomo Woman takes record deer

Women have been one of the fastest growing participants in the tradition of hunting. When it comes to pursuing whitetail deer, females are some...

A Simple Day in the Deer Woods

In the waning days of muzzleloader season, I decide to take a day trip to Owen County. As I pulled onto the property, before...

Small Woods Deer Hunting – You’re Doing It Wrong

The vast majority of Hoosier hunters are limited to a small woodlot, but that doesn’t limit success if you start planning for the next...

Take Dad Hunting

There have been volumes written and even more spoken about the positive merits of introducing children to our outdoor traditions. But aren’t we missing...

Blaze Orange Makes Safety Sense

While it’s natural to assume animals see, hear and have other senses identical to humans, they don’t. Try eating an acorn from a black...
wheat deer

Waiting for Deer Day

This appeared in the author's Out in the Open newspaper column: By the time you read this, I will be safely nestled somewhere under an...
declining deer herd

Losing Deer

This fall has been interesting, at least in regards to a good number of conversations I’ve had with some who have different opinions on...
opening day

Honor the hunt, not the Hunter

I’ve never been one to watch much television but during the hunting seasons I do catch a few hunting programs. Through the years there...

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The Dirty History of Indiana Rivers

In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than river fishing. Casting a lure or fly to a native smallmouth bass and...

Can Fishing Be Too Good?

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