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food plot

Cheapskate’s Guide To Wild Game Food Plots

Before you spend good money on a money-pit, read this Cheapskate's Guide To Wild Game Food plots! Just about every sporting goods store has an...
deer rut

Whitetail Deer Rut about to Break Loose

The whitetail deer rut is upon us. Bucks are running ridges and field edges in search of receptive does. This is the highlight of...
Ron Bice

Ron Bice Doesn’t Stink

A whitetail deer has a terrific sense of smell.  A hundred times better than humans, a thousand times better?  Who knows for sure but...

Martino: The Second Chance Buck

I love hearing of unique hunting stories that take place each season. Part of the reason is few memories are stronger than those forged...
Bow hunting

Are You A Bow hunting “Ten-Percenter?” Learn from the best!

Learn the secrets of successful bow hunting from the experts We all know them. Those people who seem to collect trophy deer almost every season....
opening day

Deer Season Opening Day Traditions

It’s a tale of two worlds. For me, early archery season is usually a solitary affair. Most of my time afield is spent alone....
snow hunt

The Snow Hunt

Welcome to December, the month when non-hunting folks are primarily worried about excessive eggnog ingestion or inadvertently giving their checking account a hernia. However,...
declining deer herd

DNR Tuberculosis Monitoring Explained

The DNR, wildlife lovers and deer hunters have been railing against captive deer herds in Indiana for years. A few object to deer and...
deer vision

Seeing like a deer: A guide to deer vision

You’re sitting in a tree stand watching the eight-point buck walk into range and he passes behind a tree. As you lean to the...
deer butt

How Not to Shoot A Deer

Anyone can shoot a deer.  Mike Schoonveld tells you how an expert doesn't! I once wrote a column in which I documented the multitude of...

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