Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Indiana Edition

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timber harvest

Cutting Down Trees Isn’t a Bad Thing!

Cutting a mature tree, let alone an oak, seems like a sin to many hunters. Few trees in Midwestern forests and woodlands provide the...

Light from a Long Time Ago

It’s well after midnight and I’m again reminded of one of the primary reasons I enjoy the outdoors: perspective. Last night I was camped out...

Bramwell: Snake Encounters

My friend Dr. Doug Skinner sent me a photo of blackberries turning red in Brown County. He wants me to join him for the...

Bird Watching Growing in Popularity

Mary Beth Lancaster enjoys watching nature. It was just last week I saw her standing on a bridge in Western Howard County scanning the...
funky nest

Funky Nests in Funky Places

Almost everyone has occasionally seen a bird nesting in an unusual place. Just around my house I’ve had a swallow nest on light fixtures,...

Asian Carp Aren’t Just A River Problem Anymore

It has never been a question of if they would get here - but when. At first I doubted the biologists, but it looks...

Enlightening on Lightning

The idea for today’s topic came two days ago while I was in the shower, lathered up and ready to shave. A tremendous a bolt...

Thunderstorms a Part of Summer

With spring in full swing and summer knocking at our door large numbers of people are taking to the water for the season’s hottest...
deer fawn

Martino: Fawns and Fireflies

No one can argue last winter just didn’t want to let go. But thankfully it’s now history. Even the beginning of spring was unseasonably...

Birds on Board

I’ve heard when a bird lands on a boat it’s really a visit from a dead relative, reincarnated as a wren, robin or some...

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Can Fishing Be Too Good?

Think back, have you ever been on a fishing trip and said to your partner “this fishing is fantastic, let’s go home?”...

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