Thursday, October 29, 2020
Thursday, October 29, 2020

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declining deer herd

The Dirty Secret of Indiana’s Declining Deer Herd

Wonder why you aren't seeing deer?  Take a look in the mirror. Visit any coffee shop, café or local watering hole where deer hunters gather...

Eagle Creek Reservoir- A fishing hotspot in the back yard of one million people

Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis in perhaps one of the best-known bodies of water in central Indiana yet is an enigma and mystery to...
Indiana bear

Indiana Bear V2.0

After all the breathless media coverage, fretting and gnashing of teeth last year when a young Michigan bear had the audacity to invade Indiana,...
wild hog

Indiana’s Wild Hogs

"While many may be cheering the arrival of wild hogs as an exciting species to hunt, they would be misguided." Feral hogs, wild boar, Eurasian...

Everything You Know About Timber Harvest is Probably Wrong

After listening to John Seifert discuss his career, it becomes clear that the biggest headache for any forestry manager isn’t science, the weather or...

Editorial: The Sky Isn’t Falling Because of HB1231

The sky is falling! The sky is falling, with thousands of rifle bullets falling with it! We are all doomed! Ok, this might be a...

Marsh: Vote “Yes” on Question 1

Editors Note: The opinions below are that of the writer.  See our official statement on the subject for more: Indiana Public Question 1- Symptom,...
covered wagon

Lee the Horselogger: Just Passing Through

Here in Indiana it seems we have our share of unusual sights. It was early Sunday morning when my friend Renee’ Kinney called. “Hey...
Charles Deam Wilderness

Destination: Deam Wilderness

If you’re talking about true wilderness adventure, there is only one place to go in Indiana: Deam Wilderness Area in Hoosier National Forest. This...
Indiana's Rattlensakes

Indiana’s Rattlesnakes and Pit Vipers

Breaking News:  “Indiana Department of Natural Resources personnel drop hundreds of timber rattlesnakes into Morgan-Monroe State Forest by helicopter to control exploding rodent populations.” I...

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Bowfishing For Conservation

Conservationists come in many forms. Scientists who study fish and wildlife are conservationists. Children who pick up litter are conservationists. Hunters who...

Can Fishing Be Too Good?

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