Thursday, October 29, 2020
Thursday, October 29, 2020

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U.S. Bests Russia, or Did We?

Issues between Russia and the USA are big news these days. It’s the cold war, once thought to be over, now heated up again....

Women in the Outdoors: “Shrink it and Pink it” Doesn’t Work?!?

This column is about ladies but it is addressed to the guys. Here is our vital Public Service message for the Holidays: Stop buying...

Bass Pro Finalizes Buy-out

Is it going to be a near-perfect fit as when Baskin teamed up with Robbins, or when Cheech teamed up with Chong? Or is...
opening day

Honor the hunt, not the Hunter

I’ve never been one to watch much television but during the hunting seasons I do catch a few hunting programs. Through the years there...
conservation officers rifle law

The DNR screwed up and conservation officers will pay the price

UPDATE 11-4-2017: An emergency rule was issued the ALLOWS "pistol caliber rifles," just as last year.  Link: DNR Emergency Rule If you hadn’t noticed, there...

Time to Embrace Hunting Season

Have you noticed? We are beginning to see subtle changes leading to one of our most celebrated and beautiful seasons – autumn. Leaves are...

Boone and Crockett: Hunt Right

A new initiative being launched by the Boone and Crockett Club titled, Hunt Right; Hunt Fair Chase will address two of the most pressing...

New ATV Helmet Law: Put a Lid on your Kids!

If your grandkids take the old 4-wheeler out for a ride on the back 40 without wearing a helmet, you’re now breaking the law. Starting...

Happy July 4th, 2017!!

Happy July 4th, one of our favorite holidays!  Today is a day that is uniquely American and something that we should rightly be proud...

Film Explores Climate Change Effect on Water

Convergence is a short film, recently released by Conservation Hawks with the support of numerous partners, that showcases the effects of climate change on...

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Bowfishing For Conservation

Conservationists come in many forms. Scientists who study fish and wildlife are conservationists. Children who pick up litter are conservationists. Hunters who...

Can Fishing Be Too Good?

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