Thursday, October 29, 2020
Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Podcast Episode #18 – “Fake” Captains with Capt. Mike Schoonveld

In today's episode, Capt. Mike Schoonveld talks about a new problem: unlicensed boat 'captains' taking paying passengers for a ride. With social media apps such as Uber, boats and potential passengers are being connected.  The...

Podcast Episode#17- Indiana’s Purple Paint Law

Indiana now has a purple paint law.  We talk to Indiana Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Captain Bill Browne about what this law means to outdoors enthusiasts. Also read our feature story here: Indiana’s...

Podcast Episode #16 – How to become a drone pilot with James McGowan

James McGowan, Marketing Manager for Raymarine Electronics, is a highly experienced drone pilot who is also licensed by the FAA to fly drones commercially.  We talk to James about why you might need to...

Podcast Episode #15 – Randy Zellers talks Lake Ouachita

We recently visited Lake Ouachita in Arkansas for a media fishing event sponsored by the Association of Great Lakes Anglers (AGLOW). We had a great time, caught lots of fish, enjoyed the incredible scenery along...
son tao

Podcast Episode #14 – Son Tao

WildIndiana took our microphones to Flymasters at 82nd and Allisonville Road in Indianapolis to interview master fly tier and angler Son Tao. Tao is well-known for his exceptional flies but his rapid ascend into the...

Podcast Episode #13- Ozark Deer Camp

The WildIndiana Podcast hits the road for an interview literally conducted on the front porch of a new deer camp near Eminence, Missouri. We are the guest of Brandon Butler, a native Hoosier and the...

Podcast Episode #11- ICO Tony Mann Talks about tree stand safety

Veteran Indiana Conservation Officer Tony Mann talks about tree stand safety, how to stay safe while aloft and general hunting safety tips just in time for the upcoming deer firearms season that starts next...

Podcast Episode #10- Bryan Hussung from Scentballz

WildIndiana Field Editor Don Cranfill sat down to talk with hunter and inventor Bryan Hussung about ScentBallz, an interesting new deer hunting product he developed in central Indiana.  ScentBallz are a revolutionary method of...

Podcast Episode #9 – Rod Pinkston’s War on Hogs

Rod Pinkston is "The" go-to expert on feral swine control.  A former member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, he now uses military tactics to defeat this growing environmental and agricultural threat with his...

Podcast Episode #8 – Josh McDermott at Geist Reservoir

This podcast episode is a companion piece to our video last week when local FLW Pro Angler Josh McDermott talked about the cull tag problem at Geist Reservoir and across the country (see the...

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Conservationists come in many forms. Scientists who study fish and wildlife are conservationists. Children who pick up litter are conservationists. Hunters who...

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