Evolved Harvest Introduces 7 Card Stud, Buck’d Up Hunter’s Plot

Bucked Up (Large)Like a chef who finely crafts the perfect meal, the food-plot experts from Evolved Harvest have put together two new 5-star food plot blends. Buck’d Up Hunter’s Plot and 7-Card Stud both feature a mix of seeds that allow no gaps in nutrition or attractiveness through the seasons.

7 Card Stud is the most adaptive food plot blend on the market today. This incredible mix of food plot seeds has seven different plant types to give your deer a wide variety of high-protein forage. The 7 Card Stud blend contains Forage Oats, Forage Triticale, Forage Turnips, Winter Peas, Crimson Clover, Daikon Radish and Forage Chicory.

The oats quickly establish and provide early nutrition while attracting deer to the plot. The oats also give the radishes and turnips a buffer so they can establish. They can then provide excellent late-season nutrition and incredible attractiveness after the first frost fixates sugar to the leaves.

Winter Peas are often referred to as the ultimate cool-season forage treat for deer. These forage peas grow rapidly, and unlike many other cool-season forages, they are sweet as soon as they pop out of the ground.

The Forage Chicory is high in protein, it is drought tolerant, and it provides excellent spring forage to help hold deer on your property year-round. Likewise, the clover in the 7 Card Stud blend provides year-round nutrition for area deer.

The radishes also provide an added bonus. They grow deep into the soil, acting like a natural sub-soiler. They also add biomass to the soil after decaying, which improves the quality of your dirt.

A 10-pound bag of 7-Card Stud retails for $19.99 and covers ¼-acre or 11,000 square feet.

Also new for 2015 from Evolved Harvest is Buck’d Up Hunter’s Plot, a blend of seeds designed to provide year-round nutrition to attract and hold deer on your property. This mixture of winter grains, clover and brassicas has something to offer your deer throughout the year. A food plot planted with Buck-d Up Hunter’s Plot provides your deer a stable food source through the seasons.

The seed blend in Buck’d Up Hunter’s Plot was hand-selected for nutritional value, climate adaptability and soil tolerance.

Brassica bulbs offer high quality forage during winter, where their sugars fixate to the leaves creating an irresistible attraction when other food plots have slowed their production due to cold weather. The highly palatable blend also contains quick-starting oats and winter wheat, plus Arrowleaf clover, T-Raptor and Canola.

A 4 ½-pound bag of Buck’d Up Hunter’s Plot retails for $12.99 and provides coverage for ¼-acre or 11,000 square feet.

Evolved Harvest produces a full line of forage food plot seeds that you can count on to deliver the protein and nutrient filled forage your herd needs all year long. We use only the finest varieties of forage plants specially developed to be more palatable and nutritious than ordinary food plots. If your goal is to provide your herd with the optimal protein and nutrients levels required for antler growth, herd health, and reproductive success then Evolved Harvest has the products for you. Our premium forage food plots are made to withstand intense grazing pressure and provide forage for a longer period of time.

Evolved Harvest… plants made to be eaten. For more information or to order online, visit www.evolved.com.

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