Indiana’s Newest Outdoor Manufacturer: American Landmaster

WildIndiana traveled north to watch the grand opening ribbon get cut at Indiana’s newest outdoor-product manufacturer, American Landmaster in Columbia City.

American Landmaster makes the Landstar series of side-by-side utility vehicles, otherwise known as UTVs.

American LandMaster is a Fort Wayne, Indiana based company that started in 1968 as Manco Products, a well-known go-kart, mini-bite and ATV producer. Through various mergers Manco went into the UTV business after acquiring its Roseland, Louisiana factory. Last year the products were re-branded with the American Landmaster moniker and now production has moved to the Columbia City plant where assembly, engineering and management all work under the same roof.

The LandStar series includes seven models of UTV, including an all-electric vehicle, in a variety of two- and four-wheel drive and cab configurations. The entire model lineup is top quality but budget-friendly and is aimed squarely at the home, farm, outdoors and workplace market rather than the powersports enthusiast seeking 60 mile-per-hour thrills.

“You need something you can get out, get on and get to work- and we have that at an affordable price point,” noted Pat Morello, President and CEO of American Landmaster.


American Landmaster


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