New Wild Estrus Products Bring Bucks In On A String

Wild Estrus Doe Dripper InnerThe best time to catch a mature buck with his guard down is when he’s thinking about a doe in estrus. It’s a special time in the fall deer woods when monster bucks are vulnerable, bucks that are otherwise practically impossible to kill.

If a hunter really wants to get a shot at a mature buck, let the buck think there’s a doe-in-heat in the area when there isn’t, either before the rut or after the peak.

Two new Wild Estrus products for 2015 from Wildgame Innovations will fool a buck into thinking he’s found a ready doe, when actually it is a hunter’s setup using Wild Estrus Doe Squirt and Wild Estrus Doe Dripper. Both of these new products are made from 100 percent doe urine.

The Wild Estrus scent alone is enough to attract most any buck, but if he’s being extra cautious, these new products also will attract him by sight. The Doe Squirt and Wild Estrus Doe Dripper both contain Evolved Habitats’ patented Glo-Cote, an ultraviolet additive that allows deer to see the product. It emits a neon-blue glow that deer can see night or day. Curious deer are drawn to investigate, and then the Wild Estrus scent will lock down a mature buck in the area, thinking he’s onto a doe in heat.

Wild Estrus Doe Dripper Features:

  • 100% Pure Deer Urine
  • Create new scrapes or make existing scrapes irresistible.
  • Glo-Cote UV enhancement makes the Doe Dripper the only UV enhanced urine on the market other than the Doe Squirt.
  • Double-bagged design eliminates air contamination for the freshest urine on the market.
  • Steadily drips for up to eight hours.
  • 3-ounces, which is triple the amount in competing products.

Wild Estrus Doe Squirt InnerDoe Squirt Features:

  • 100% Deer Urine
  • Contains Glo-Cote UV enhancement technology, making the Doe Squirt the only UV enhanced urine on the market other than the Doe Dripper.
  • Double-sealed design prevents air contamination ensuring maximum freshness.
  • Easy to use, no spill design is as convenient as it is effective.
  • 3-ounces, which is triple the amount in competing products.

Both the Wild Estrus Doe Dripper and Doe Squirt retail for $14.99. For more information or to order online, please visit


About the company: Texas-based Wildgame Innovations offers a wide range of unique hunting products from trail cams, laser rangefinders, apparel, supplements, electronic calls, feeders and much more.


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