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TZ 1250Plano, IL – Tenzing Outdoors makes the top-performing technical packs that allow hunters to go further and hunt longer – into whatever country their adventures or quarry leads them.

Mossy Oak understands that obsession… To strike out onto the land and interact with the soil, the vegetation, and the wild creatures… To pursue game on your own back 40 or in the remote wilderness and improve the habitat and conserve the wildlife for future generations while you’re there. It’s why they’ve created an all-new groundbreaking camouflage pattern to embody and celebrate that obsession… Your obsession… Your country.

“Mossy Oak Break-Up Country features the most true-to-nature elements ever produced on camo, resulting in exceptional effectiveness and versatility,” says Mossy Oak Founder and CEO, Toxey Haas. “Every element within the pattern was strategically placed to most effectively break up the hunter’s outline and help him or her blend into any environment.”

from the Sportsman Store

What’s more, advances in Mossy Oak’s technology have made it possible to replicate the incredible clarity and exact color accuracy of their new Beak-Up Country pattern across all fabrics, and on any product. It’s why Tenzing Outdoors was first in line to take their top-selling Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack, TZ 1250 Lumbar Pack, TZ 1200 Lightweight Day Pack and TZ 721 Waist Pack to the next level. New for 2015, these four technical wonders will be available in the all-new Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage pattern.

“Camouflage selection is a personal preference to some, but is a more fundamental choice for others,” says Jay Robert, backcountry hunter, product designer and driving soul and spirit behind the Tenzing brand. “Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is going to appeal to anyone who embodies the outdoor lifestyle – not only for the limits it will allow them to push in the field, but also because of who they are,” he continues. “We’re proud to be able to offer our customers this brand new camouflage option that is so effective and meshes so well with their country lifestyles,” concludes Robert.


TZ 2220 (Medium)TZ 2220 Day Pack in Mossy Oak Beak-Up Country

With 2,228 total cubic inches of interior space and weighing a scanty four pounds, the TZ 2220 allows you to hunt light and fast while keeping everything you need secure and within reach inside a total of 11 well-engineered compartments and pockets. Additionally, the workhorse TZ 2220 is engineered for unmatched wearer comfort.


  • Internal Aluminum Frame Stay
  • Padded Hip Support
  • Channeled, Air-Cooled Back Pad
  • Foldout Bow and Gun Carrying Boot
  • H2O Compatible (2-Liter)
  • 11 Total Compartments and Pockets
  • 6 Specialized Zip Pockets
  • 4 Lateral Compression Straps to Secure Load
  • 2 Lower Compression Straps to Attach Extra Gear


  • 2228 Total Cubic Inches
  • 4 lb. 0 oz.
  • Main Compartment: 22”x11”x6.5”
  • Face Compartment: 16”x10”x12”
  • Expanding Side Compartments (2): 8”x5”x2.5”
  • Mesh Side Compartments (2): 8”x5”x2.5”
  • Hip Compartments (2): 15”x9”x1.5”

MSRP $199.99


TZ 1250TZ 1250 Lumbar Pack in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

With 1250 cubic inches of storage space and 16 total compartments, the clever TZ 1250 Lumbar Pack carries a surprisingly large amount of gear while affording its wearer maximum upper-body mobility. We call it “maximum versatility.” You’ll call it “just right” for whatever type of hunt you take on.


  • Fully Adjustable Vertical Suspension
  • Padded Hip Support
  • Channeled, Air-Cooled Back Pad
  • Foldout Bow and Gun Carrying Boot
  • H2O Compatible (2-Liter)
  • 16 Total Compartments and Pockets
  • Dual Entry Into Main Compartment Through Either Top or Face
  • 5 Specialized Zip Pockets
  • 3 Compression Straps to Attach Extra Gear
  • Weather Guard Lid


  • 1250 Total Cubic Inches
  • 3 lb. 12 oz.
  • Main Compartment: 9”x16”x6.5”
  • Face Compartment: 6”x5.5”x2”
  • Side Compartments (2): 7”x5”x1.5”
  • Hip Compartments (2): 9”x4”x2”

MSRP $199.99


TZ 1200 (Medium)TZ 1200 Lightweight Daypack in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

For hunters looking for a lightweight solution to comfortably carry a water supply and their essential gear, the TZ 1200 is the perfect pack. Its low profile design, eight organized pockets and 2-liter water reservoir compartment make it ideal for treestand or day hunting.


  • Compact Daypack Design
  • Two Lower Compression Straps to Attach Extra Gear
  • Breathable Mesh Back Pad
  • Padded Hip Panels
  • H2O Compatible (2-Liter)
  • Eight Total Compartments and Pockets
  • Expandable main Compartment
  • Three Specialized Zip Pockets


  • 1211 Total Cubic Inches
  • 2 lb. 0 oz.
  • Main Compartment: 17”x10”x2.5”
  • Main Compartment Expansion: 15”x9”x2.5”
  • Face Compartment: 15”x9”x1.5”
  • Expanding Bungee Compartment: 9”x11”x12”
  • Side Pocket x 2: 3”x4”x2”

MSRP $124.99


TZ 721TZ 721 Waist Pack in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Grab-and-go hunters will do well to check out the new Tenzing™ TZ 721 Waist Pack as an ideal solution for their localized sits on stand. This pint-sized powerhouse has room to spare, with the added benefit of onboard core-heating technology.

With a breathable mesh waist, padded hip panels and a highly adjustable waist belt system, the 2-pound TZ 721 is designed to be worn as an unobtrusive fanny pack while traveling to or from the field. Once its wearer settles into the stand, however, the TZ 721 can be quickly and easily repositioned to the front to keep contents accessible and make use of the plush, built-in muff as a convenient and cozy place for cold hands. But the TZ 721 Waist Pack’s creature comforts don’t end there. Four specialized pockets – carefully placed in strategic positions — accept hand warmers to heat the hunter’s core.


  • Breathable Mesh Waist Pad
  • Built-In Hand Muff Section with Hand Warmer Pockets
  • Adjustable Padded Hit Panels for Perfect Fit
  • Four Specialized Pockets for Hand Warmers
  • 17 Total Compartments and Pockets
  • Cell Phone Pocket on Top of Lid for Easy Operation and Access
  • Three Specialized Zip Pockets
  • Adjustable Bungee Straps Covering Each Open Topped Side Pocket
  • Double Adjustable Waist Belt System (24” Min. / 56” Max.)
  • Two Lower Vertical Compression Straps
  • DYNEEMA® Bottom Covered with Loden TRICO®


  • 770 Total Cubic Inches
  • 2 lb. 0 oz. Total Weight
  • Main Compartment: 7” x 12” x 3.5”
  • Face Compartment: 6.5” x 10” x 2”
  • Open Top Side Pockets (x2): 5” x 4” x 2.5”
  • Hand Muff: 7” x 12” x 3”

MSRP $129.99

The TZ 2220 Day Pack, TZ 1250 Lumbar Pack, TZ 1200 Lightweight Daypack and TZ 721 Waist Pack are just four of Tenzing Outdoors’ specialized, high-tech packs designed and built to take serious hunters and their critical gear further and allow them to hunt longer. Now, dressed in the all-new Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, these top-performers are even better.

“We share your love of the outdoors, your passion for stewardship and your obsession with hunting,” says Haas. “It’s what makes us who we are… our connection to the land and the critters that live on it is what gives us our sense of place in this world,” he continues. “If you wake up every morning with a heart of gratitude and can’t wait to set foot on your own land, listen to a turkey gobble, check a trail camera or climb a treestand, then Break-Up Country is for you.”


Learn more about the full line of comfortable, quality-engineered Tenzing hunting packs and accessories that will help you go further and hunt longer at For more information on Mossy Oak and how they can help you live your best outdoor life, visit


About Tenzing ™

First introduced at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in January 2012, the Tenzing™ line of innovative, high-tech, high performance packs and accessories are engineered and built to help hunters go farther, stay longer, and comfortably carry incredible loads in and even bigger ones back out.

Tenzing packs are constructed from the finest materials available, including the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®, and designed to be the lightest, most rugged, best organized and most versatile packs on the market. Tenzing packs are fully adjustable to result in a perfect fit for any hunter.

Combining his life-long passion for the outdoors with a relentless desire to be the best at his craft, Jay Robert is the soul and spirit behind the Tenzing brand.  A company of hunters who listen to other hunters, Tenzing pursues innovation through real world product feedback from one of the hardest-working hunting pro and field staffs in the industry.

The ever expanding Tenzing product lineup includes carbon fiber frame packs, full-sized backpacks, lightweight day packs, lumbar packs, archer’s packs, women’s-fitted packs, turkey packs, upland bird packs, waterfowl blind bags, high-performance bow cases, gun cases and related accessories.

Tenzing products have received numerous recognitions for innovation and quality, including a prestigious Field & Stream Best of the Best 2012 Award for the Tenzing TZ 2220.


from the Sportsman Store


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