WildIndiana to Sportsman: Letter from Publisher

In July of this year I acquired WildIndiana from Brent Wheat, the magazine’s founder, editor and publisher. 

I’m convinced the time is right for rethinking what an online, outdoor magazine can be, and I invite you to join me, and the rest of  the WildIndiana community, on this journey. 

Read on for the full story, but here are the high points:

  • WildIndiana has become Sportsman Magazine.
  • Sportsman keeps  all the articles and authors of WildIndiana, and moves forward with a new format and redefined vision. 
  • Please encourage your friends to subscribe to our email and follow us on social. 
  • Reach out to me at editor@sportsman-mag.com with comments, pro or con. 

Almost 20 years ago, Brent Wheat had the vision to start an online magazine.  Through hard work and innovation he grew WildIndiana into Indiana’s premiere outdoor media site. He built an incredible publication, and I was lucky Brent and I agreed the time was right to transition ownership.

Using WildIndiana as the foundation for the next chapter in the magazine’s story, the publication will retain the articles and authors you know and love, but move forward with a slightly different format and philosophy. 

To mark this transition, in late September, I changed the name of the magazine from WildIndiana to Sportsman Magazine. Also, when you visit the site you’ll note the pages are laid out in a more traditional magazine form.

The visual change reflects my philosophy. I want to combine the structure and  best elements  of a print magazine with the internet’s incredible ability to build community and drive real conversation. 

All too often this isn’t happening in a meaningful way online, and many traditional print publications have stumbled transitioning to the internet. In some ways we’ll be breaking new ground and taking chances. It may not be perfect, but I promise it won’t be boring.

You’ll hear more about my perspective in upcoming Editor’s Columns, but here’s the short version: Sportsman is dedicated to the pursuit of skill, knowledge and adventure. This is a magazine for hunters and fisherman as well as backyard birders and landscape photographers.

Those of us passionate about the outdoor lifestyle (I call it the sporting life),  have so much more in common than not. Exposure and access to the full range of outdoor culture provides important context and room for new ideas, and examination of old ones. 

In addition to being inclusive and informed, we  have to recruit. Providing the knowledge and opportunity for kids, women and men to get invested in the outdoors is the magazine’s responsibility–as well as that of  the community-at-large. The future of our natural resources and the sporting culture depends on it.

I’m looking forward to introducing new voices to the magazine, re-engaging veteran authors and challenging our staff and contributors (myself included) to create smart, entertaining and important media. 

My request for you is twofold: If you’re enjoying Sportsman, please encourage your friends to subscribe to our email,  and follow us on social media. If you have commentary, good, bad or otherwise, please reach out to me at editor@sportsman-mag.com


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