SHOT Show Update #1

Ken shooting The Governor

The entire staff of has now arrived safely in Las Vegas for the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show.

We arrived yesterday and immediately went to the Smith & Wesson media event held at American Shooters indoor range, located somewhere between southeast Asia and Latin America, judging by the business in the immediate area.

Most interesting (note we didn’t say revolutionary) was the new Smith & Wesson “The Governor” shotshell revolver, obviously meant to compete with the Taurus Judge.  This is a snubbie handgun on steroids, shooting either .410 shotshells, .45 ACP pistol or .45 Long Colt using full-moon clips.

Most notable is the creepy trigger pull.  Once the cylinder is staged, dropping the hammer fall is clean and makes for good accuracy but it’s quite easy throw a shot.  It’s certainly not something you would want take to a pistol match.  Build quality, however, is typical S&W.

It would be worth a consideration to carry around your property if you had a tremendous snake or varmint problem.  Six shots of .410 threw nice even pattern on the targets at 25 yards, making unlikely any nuisance would escape unharmed.

We later adjourned to the Venetian Hotel for beer with old friends then went to dinner at the Hoftbrau House, an authentic German beer hall.

The food and beer was outstanding, if pricey but the evening overall was weird bordering on bizarre.  We met another group of friends but the music from the authentic German band was so overwhelming that it proved impossible to chat.

I also learned that Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” are traditional German polka-band tunes.  Equally strange was the sudden outburst of The Star Spangled Banner in the middle of our entree.   It was a new experience, standing at attention with a mouthful of authentic Bavarian sausage.

If you add the two very avuncular men, apparently romantically involved, who shared our table and the woman who roamed the beer hall paddling willing men, it was an evening to remember.

Now, down to breakfast and on to Day One of the SHOT Show.

The Governor
On the range

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