States banning felt sole waders due to Rock Snot

Hodgman Wadetech felt sole wading shoes

As a writer, how can you pass up any story where you have the potential to use the term “rock snot” a half-dozen times.

Actually, Didymo or rock snot is an invasive algae that is a serious and growing problem.  Found in some trout streams, the algae forms thick mats on the stream bottom and and wreaks havock with the ecosystem.  It’s also nasty and slick in the extreme.

Unfortunately, the problem is being spread by fishermen on the bottom of their felt-soled wading shoes and boots, along with spores, larvae and all sorts of other biological nasties.  Now, many states across the country are beginning to outlaw the non-slip but contamination-prone footware.

So far Indiana hasn’t moved toward legislating against the waders but that would certainly seem a likely step in the new few years.  Moreover, traveling fisherman, especially those going east this summer, should be ready to comply with new bans on their favorite fishing grounds.

Soon, we can only imagine that you’ll only be allowed to go fishing after a full decontamination procedure; won’t that be fun!

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