Copperhead snake bite reported in Indiana

Here’s a story that should be filed under “DOH!!” though everything ended up for everyone, including our perpetrator.

Earlier this month a Franklin county man got an extremely unpleasant surprise when he picked up what he believed was a common garter snake.  The snake turned out to be a vemonous copperhead.

Zach Smith was working in his yard when he picked up the snake.  As he did, the critter bit him on the finger.  He was rushed to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis where he was treated.  Fortunately, the snake was young and Smith didn’t require anti-venom though there was concern about losing his thumb.

Now, things are fine and that includes the snake.  Though we wouldn’t share Smith’s benevolent attitude, he wouldn’t permit the snake to be destroyed and it was released back into the wild.  “It’s my fault,” Smith told doctors.

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photo: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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