Don’t call the DNR to ask about pig hunting

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After mention last week in the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Wild Bulletin, the topic of wild pig hunting is generating a huge amount of interest right now.

In looking at our own statistics here at, this pig hunting article has suddenly become the most-viewed story on the entire website.

Now the Associated Press is jumping on the bandwagon with a story that appeared in the Indianapolis Star.   In it, DNR officials are trying to discourage hunters and request that they not be bothered with questions about secret hog-hunting-hotspots:

“I can tell you from my own nearly 20 years’ experience … that providing location information is counterproductive to … control measures, and that impacted landowners are very adamant in their desires not to have the locations made known,” Steven Backs, a DNR wildlife research biologist, told The Star Press of Muncie. “For many of them, the hog hunter problem is sometimes worse than the hogs themselves.”


Hunters this week sent numerous requests to the DNR asking where they can hunt wild pigs after an agency newsletter reported on new regulations.

“The wild hog problem is being addressed directly by the impacted landowners themselves or by … working with the USDA/DNR in trapping groups of wild hogs — the most effective way to control wild hog numbers — or through landowners’ shooting wild hogs,” the agency informed hunters in a follow-up notice.

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