Great idea: let’s eat Asian carp!

Bighead carp

Here’s an idea we’ve been wondering about: why aren’t we trying to eat those stupid Asian carp before they ruin every water ecosystem in the U.S.?

According to a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, that is exactly what an enterpenure in Illinois is trying to do.

The Big River Fish Co. in Pearl, Illinois is currently processing the invasive fish.  They recently signed a huge deal to ship “Wild-Caught” Asian carp to upscale restaurants in China where locally-produced fish, living in highly polluted rivers, don’t taste as good.

Apparently the Asian carp, being a plankton eater, is fairly tasty though very boney.  It is also relatively free of mercury contamination due to its diet.

Another part of the initiative to is rename the fish.  For instance, “Chilean Sea Bass” weren’t nearly so popular when it was called “Patagonian toothfish.” Hopefully the new term “Silverfin” will catch on with fish buyers.

The thing makes sense.  Humans seem to be eating themselves out of house and home when it comes to seafood but with millions of pounds of unwanted but tasty fish roaming our major rivers, perhaps simple human greed take care of a serious environmental problem.

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