Indiana already has record number of drownings in 2011

According to a story from, with a bit more than half of 2011 passed, Indiana has already passed the total number of drownings for all of 2010.

We here at WildIndiana had guessed as much when we finally decided early in the summer that we wouldn’t post any further new stories of drownings (unless noteworthy to a state-wide audience) simply because there were too many to cover this year.   It became obvious that we would get nothing done during the summer except post notices of drownings from around the state.

Such news is significant and important but would not be especially entertaining on a website devoted primarily to sharing the joy of the outdoors.

So, if you are an angler, someone who likes to swim in rivers or lakes, a boater, paddler or just someone who is contemplating venturing onto our wild waters, please heed the usual safety advice.   First and foremost, wear your Personal Floatation Device, even if you think it is hot and dorky.

After all, we don’t have that many readers here at; we can’t afford to lose too many more.

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Photo: (C) Tim Houlihan

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