No more teak surfing in Indiana

Talk about a one-and-done.

There is a new law that took effect on July 1 that bans “Teak Surfing.”  We didn’t give this legislation much thought until we read a description of this latest technique to suffer catastrophic injury and possible death.

Apparently teak surfing is the act of hanging onto the stern swim platform of a moving speedboat.   At some point, the swimmer lets go of the platform and body-surf’s the boat’s wake.  The term originated from the fact that many swim platforms are made of teak wood.

Let’s stop and consider the practicalities of this sport.   During teak surfing, the swimmer will suspend his body (we are making a wild guess that this primarily involves males, likely fueled by beer) two or three feet above a whirling  steel blade, all while being bathed in the exhaust fumes from the engine.

Call us wimps but this doesn’t seem like the smartest way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

While teak surfing is undoubtedly a thrill, there are other good, and safer, ways to get your kicks.  For example, try taunting grizzly bears while carrying a large ham in your backpack or spend a few hours being Casey Anthony’s bodyguard.

You are much more likely to survive with all your digits intact.

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