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Indiana already has record number of drownings in 2011

According to a story from WIBC.com, with a bit more than half of 2011 passed, Indiana has already passed the total number of drownings for all of 2010.

We here at WildIndiana had guessed as much when we finally decided early in the summer that we wouldn’t post any further new stories of drownings (unless noteworthy to a state-wide audience) simply because there were too many to cover this year.   It became obvious that we would get nothing done during the summer except post notices of drownings from around the state.

Such news is significant and important but would not be especially entertaining on a website devoted primarily to sharing the joy of the outdoors.

So, if you are an angler, someone who likes to swim in rivers or lakes, a boater, paddler or just someone who is contemplating venturing onto our wild waters, please heed the usual safety advice.   First and foremost, wear your Personal Floatation Device, even if you think it is hot and dorky.

After all, we don’t have that many readers here at WildIndiana.com; we can’t afford to lose too many more.

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Photo: (C) Tim Houlihan

If you’re going to Minnesota, I hope you have a fishing license

With all the other woes in the world, add to your trouble: procuring a fishing license if you’re headed to Minnesota to catch a few of dem walleyes, don’tcha know.

With Minnesota state government currently closed due to a budget impasse, anglers are unable to purchase licenses for fishing as the automated licensing system has been shut down.  This has, in turn, drastically affected lodges and fishing guides along with all the other services that support those industries in the fishing-crazy northwoods.

Some anglers are going ahead and fishing anyway, risking a ticket and loss of fishing gear.

Our current plans don’t include a summer trip to Minnesota this year but we’d be seriously unhappy if they did.  If you have been caught by this unintended consequence of the budget crisis, drop up a line here.

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No king salmon for the St. Joe

If you like your chinook salmon in the St. Joseph River, you won’t be happy with the latest news.  However, if you’re a big fan of coho or love to fish in Salt Creek, Trail Creek or the Little Calumet River, you should be stoked for the salmon season in a year or two.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has eliminated the chinook stocking program from the St. Joe river due to poor returns, thus opening up production space for baby coho.

The DNR will stock 60,000 fingerling coho into the St. Joseph River and 30,000 coho into Salt Creek in Porter County this fall. Trail Creek and the Little Calumet River will also receive approximately 75,000 coho salmon.

According to a release from the DNR:  “With the declines in steelhead returns each summer/fall season on the St. Joe and with improved access on Salt Creek, it makes sense to move these fish in order to provide balanced fall fishing opportunities,” said Brian Breidert, DNR Lake Michigan fisheries biologist. “We will continue to evaluate the lake fishery as well as coho returns on the St. Joseph River through the fish ladder passage program and creel surveys.

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Freshwater drum are fun

Playin' the drum!

Apparently we aren’t alone when suffering serious disappointment after a hard-fought fishing battle that ends up with a drum fish showing up beside our boat.

The drum is native to most Hoosier waters and in some places they are quiet common and very large.  We’ve personally caught them in the neighborhood of ten pounds.  They fight hard and willingly hit artificial lure but unfortunately, they are considered to have the food value of a large sack of wet garbage thus most anglers, including the entire executive staff of WildIndiana.com, avoid them like the plague.

So, we were intrigued to read a story in the Gary Post-Tribune that details the love of drum that DNR Lake Michigan Fisheries Biologist Brian Breidert has for the ugly fish.

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Illinois hatchery fined in federal court for selling fish here without DNR permit

From the Chesterton Tribune:

Keystone Hatcheries—a division of Robinson Wholesale Inc. of Illinois—has been sentenced in federal court to make $35,000 restitution to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and pay a $40,000 fine, after pleading guilty to an indictment charging the firm with selling, or intending to sell, live fish in the State of Indiana, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Indiana said.

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