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Hike the “greatest hike in Indiana” August 1

Apparently we missed it.

Last month the USA Today travel section wrote a feature entitled “51 scenic hikes” in which they asked an expert from each state to pick the “One great place to hike” in their state.   Author Sally McKinney picked a hike along the lake in Indiana Dunes State Park.

Here is information from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on your chance to join a special hike led by park naturalists:

From IDNR-

Indiana Dunes State Park Interpretive Services will be offering a special hiking tour Aug. 1 on one of the United States’ “51 greatest hikes,” as picked by USA Today’s Travel section.

This two-hour hike leaves the nature center at 9:30 a.m. and will explore the forested dunes, open grasslands and two park parabolic blowout dunes.

Last month, USA Today named the top 51 hikes, recommended by local experts. Each state had a hike represented for its best scenic or awe-inspiring trek. Indiana Dunes State Park was chosen as Indiana’s best hike.

Trail 9, through the Dunes Nature Preserve, allows visitors to, “enter black oak and maple forest and find dramatic dune country blowouts amid shifting sand hills,” says the article.

The full article is at http://travel.usatoday.com/destinations/story/2011/06/51-scenic-hikes/48780180/1.

Hikers should plan for weather conditions and bring a water bottle. The hike is free after the standard gate fee of $5 for Indiana vehicles and $10 for out-of-state vehicles.

For more information, call the Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center (219) 926-1390.



photo: Wikimedia Commons

Trout going to heaven? OK, we got really confused

Like everyone else in the known Internet universe, we troll various news aggregation sites to learn what is happening in the Hoosier outdoors.

Yesterday, we got a little confused when we read the following headline:

Teenager Trout Called Up By Angels – Sports News Story – WRTV Indianapolis.

Does this story concern a youngish trout?  Why did the Angels need a trout, anyway?  Were they hungry for fresh fish?  Was this actually a metaphore for something else, as in the trout was deceased and “Joined the choir-invisible?”

As it turns out the fish in question is Mike Trout, a young man playing for the Arkansas Travelers of the AA baseball league who was called up to the majors by the Los Angeles Angels.


Apply for reserved hunts now!

It’s not too early to think about hunting season as online applications for reserved hunts at DNR properties are now being accepted.

From the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

Hunters may apply for a reserved hunt online by visiting http://www.indianaoutdoor.in.gov/ and clicking on the “Register for a Reserved Hunt” link, beginning July 1. The online method is the only way to apply.

All applicants must possess a valid hunting license for the hunt for which they apply. All applications must be completed by the application deadline to be eligible for the drawing. Hunters will be selected through a random drawing. All drawing results will be posted at http://www.wildlife.in.gov/ within a week after application deadlines.

  • Dove Hunt Draw
    Online application must be completed by July 31
  • Military/Refuge Firearm and Archery Deer Hunt Draw
    Online application must be completed by Aug. 28. Hunts on Military/Refuge properties may be cancelled at any time.
  • State Park Deer Reduction Hunts
    Online application must be completed by Aug. 28
  • Youth Firearm Deer Hunt at Muscatatuck National Widlife Refuge
    Online application must be completed by Aug. 28
  • Pheasant Hunt Draw
    Online application must be completed by Oct. 2. Adults should not apply for the Nov. 25 hunt. Nov. 25 is reserved for youth (17 and younger) only.

Applications for waterfowl draw hunts begin in late August. Pheasant put-and-take and state park goose will be available in September.

For more information on military/refuge hunt opportunities, call (812) 334-3795 from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays.

More information is available in the Hunting & Trapping Guide online at http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/5834.htm.

Let’s Go Fishington

Social media is omnipresent, even in the outdoors.

We realized this when we read a press release this week that Fishington.com was an Official Honoree in the Social Network category in The 15th Annual Webby Awards.

Fishington.com is designed to serve as website where people can connect with potential fishing partners. It also has listings of local hotspots though we didn’t find any information on the locations listed aside from their name.  The name actually rolls over to takemefishing.org, a site of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.

Try it out here:  http://www.fishington.com



photo: Wikimedia commons

Hoosier Outdoors in the Strangest Places

As part of our on-going, around-the-clock coverage of the Indiana outdoor scene, we have Internet news alerts set for certain words relating to our state and it’s outdoor heritage.  In reviewing the latest returns, imagine our surprise when we found an online British newspaper expounding on the virtues of Hoosier National Forest.

According to this story in the UK News Reporter, the “Hoosier National Forest Park” has thousands of visitors a year and offers all sorts of neat stuff.

As near as we can deduce, the website is an “infotainment” site that has stories that lean heavily toward promoting products.  In this case, the links at the end of the generic tourism piece (complete with public-domain photo from Wikipedia) link to a website promoting a Bloomington hotel.

I’m hazarding a wild, crazy, off-the-wall guess here but I’m betting that the writer has never set foot in Indiana.

If you want to waste approximately two minutes of your life, here is the Story Link:

The Hoosier National Forest Park Has Thousands Of Visitors a Year | UK News Reporter.

Here’s a link to the actual NHF information website

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