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Try your hand at Adventure Racing

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, Adventure Racing (AR) is a variation on the sport of human-powered racing.  Aside from the “standard” skills of swimming, bicycling, running or hiking, an adventure race might also involve orienteering, rappelling, rock-climbing or even scuba diving.  Basically, race organizers draw a line through the roughest terrain possible and turn the participants loose.

The sport is also set aside from other types of racing by running for long periods, frequently 24 hours and sometimes even over several days.  In some cases, the participants must carry a full backpack of gear to deal with the challenges.

We have never participated in such a race but have been intrigued about the possibilities.  We are seriously considering entering what seems like a great way to figuratively and literally get our feet wet in AR: the 18-hour MISSION Lite race May 7 in scenic (and rugged) Brown County.  The race is sponsored by DINO (Doing Indiana Off-Road)

According to DINO:

The MISSION Lite offers beginner adventure racers a chance to see what it’s all about. A shorter, 4-hour cutoff; less complex navigation; and reduced gear list allow an introductory taste of AR.

Participants travel by foot, bicycle, and canoe in teams (or in the Solo division), using map and compass to find checkpoints. Each team must stay together the entire race. Along the way, they will encounter various natural and manmade challenges that test physical and mental ability and creativity.

For those up to the challenge, a solo division is offered.

The course is designed to keep most participants going all 18 hours, creating a dramatic finish line setting where family and friends can cheer for their team as they emerge from the darkness.

Sounds like our cup of tea…or hemlock.

For more information visit:

DINO Indiana: Mountain Bike, Trail Run, Off-road Triathlon, and Adventure Racing.


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Only in California

In response to off-road enthusiasts who are turning popular desert wild lands into dens of iniquity rivaling Bourbon Street on a Fat Tuesday, the Bureau of Land Management has enacted strict new rules in California.

Aside from our usual disgust at the few party pigs who think the outdoors is simply a giant hotel room in which to throw up and leave beer cans, we found another part of the story that tickled our fancy.

According to the new rules, “The ban covers mobile strip shows, naked motorcycling and women flashing their breasts…”    Showing a bare  bosom can now bring up to a $1000 dollar fine and a year in jail.

The part that caught our attention was the “mobile strip shows.”  I mean, we have seen some stunning and outrageous things in the outdoors during our decades afield, but…c’mon…a mobile strip show?!!???

I suppose stumbling on a mobile strip show would would tend to put a spring in your step on those days when you’ve been backpacking for a week and your feet hurt and you’re filthy and tired and just want to go home.

We can only imagine the mobile strip club DJ: “Alright, give it up for Diamonelle on the stage next to the big rock.  Diamonelle, everybody.  On deck is Destini….”

Only in California.

Story link: California nudie ban